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Below are some of the frequently ask questions from our customers, if you have a question that’s not answered below please contact us via our contact form with your question.

Cast Stone Memorial Care

How to clean my Cast Stone Memorial

Serenity Stone is admired for the way in which it weathers naturally so that it is imperceptible from quarried stone. If you do wish to clean your Cast Stone, we recommend that you first try using a mild solution of water and washing up liquid – when used in conjunction with a soft brush this can achieve good results. The use of acid cleaners or harsh abrasive scouring should be avoided as this will break down the surface of the product and it will become more porous and could make the product more susceptible to permanent staining. Be aware that natural dyes in composts containing peat, coconut husk or coir can produce a brown staining which is very difficult to remove. Many fertilizers contain ferrous compounds that can cause rust stains. Cast-in fixings and reinforcement used during the standard Cast Stone production process are non-ferrous, usually stainless steel.

How can I take care of my Cast Stone Memorial?

With careful handling, the cast stone material itself needs no special maintenance as long as it is not exposed to extreme conditions. For example, it is recommended that in very hot weather a planted cast stone garden ornament should be watered only in the early morning or cool evening. Likewise, in freezing conditions, cast stone fountain bowls should be emptied. The cast stonework is less susceptible to the detrimental effects of weathering, which can damage the laminated structure of quarried stone or natural stone, and can be aesthetically more pleasing as it often matures and develops character much earlier.

Is my Cast Stone Memorial frost resistant & Durable?

Yes, our cast stone conforms to BS 1217 and is fully waterproof with a waterproofing agent being incorporated in each mix. The earliest known use of cast stone is around 2000 years old and still standing today.

What is Cast Stone?

Cast Stone is an architectural precast concrete building product manufactured to simulate natural-cut stone. It is the most aesthetically refined form of concrete known today. Cast stone is used as a masonry product to provide architectural trim and ornamentation on buildings and other structures.

What is Cast Stone Uses?

Anywhere where natural stone would be used. Cast stone is normally less expensive and more easily created.

General Cast Stone Memorial Questions

What Colours do we have

Our standard colours are Buff, Natural Portland and Charcoal.

Do we make our own moulds?

Yes. Our mould manufacture foreman has over 30 years of experience in the cast stone industry. Because moulds are the most critical element to manufacturing quality cast stone products, we invest considerable time into making quality moulds. In our mould making workshop, we manufacture all of our own moulds from a variety of materials, including, timber, plaster, rubber, clay, and fiberglass.

If your a trade customer?

If you work in the trade please call 01472 526026

What happens if you have a complaint?

Serenity Stone takes customer service very seriously, and we will do our best to approach all complaints quickly and professionally. Our Customer Service Team can be reached on 01482 526026 or via

What is the lead time?

In most cases for our Cast Stone Memorial products the lead time is 2 – 3 weeks from when Serenity Stone receive your order.