Your Design, Your Words, Crafted In Stone.

Why Cast Stone

When was Cast Stone Invented?

Cast stone was first used in Ancient Rome. At that time, pozzolanic
cement was used along with aggregates such as lightweight pumice,
natural limestone, other popular natural stones, and bricks from
buildings that had been demolished.

What are the Benefits of Using Cast Stone?

Lightweight: Typically, cast stone is much lighter than natural cut stone
• Easy to manufacture
• Easy to install
• A vast range of shapes and sizes
• Available in a range of colors thanks to mineral coloring pigments
• Durable physical properties
• Superior in strength
• More cost-effective building material
• No variations or imperfections
• Improved thaw/freeze durability compared with natural building stones
• Requires minimal maintenance
• Steel components such as fixings and reinforcement can be included
as part of the manufacturing process

Three words sum up the popular use of cast stone compared to natural
cut building stones:
• Affordable
• Prestigious
• Versatile
Its popularity grew due to its ability to be versatile while maintaining
durable physical properties. It is often used to simulate natural cut stone
in many applications.
Cast Stone ages the same as Natural stone and handled correctly will
last a lifetime.
With the constant rises in materials such as marble and granite its
stopping the working person to afford, Cast Stone gives you the
chance, your words cast in stone to say goodbye or to celebrate your
loved ones life.